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Things have been happening pretty fast around Cityview these days!

Cityview proudly announces the arrival of the newest Mac Pro 12 Core! Featuring Intel's newest and most powerful processor platform ever, the 64 bit Xeon! The new Mac brings extraordinary processing power to Cityview, with extremely high track counts and unending ability to process plug-ins. This new system puts Cityview out front in upper-end recording power.

Here's our new Gretsch Custom Shop Bell Brass snare!

In addition to our new hardware, Cityview is a Pro Tools 2018.1 Studio! Pro Tools 12 is now the industry standard when it comes to high end tracking and mixing of music. That's why major studios throughout the world are upgrading to Pro Tools 12 Nearly every record heard today on Television and Radio has been mixed in Pro Tools. Cityview Recording is also proud to be a mentoring studio for Recording Connection Academy of Los Angeles asscociate degree students. Visit us and see why your next session should be recorded at Cityview!

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